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Why Dealers Think Daikin

Daikin products are well-built, dependable and efficient. Don’t believe us? Ask the Daikin Comfort Pros who expertly install them. Hear what they have to say about being able to install and service these quality products.

Adding the Daikin brand to our offering is a sure win for our customers.

- Gary Lightfoot, Vice President, Lightfoot Mechanical

Being one of the select HVAC dealers who will represent this brand is very exciting for everyone at our company, especially given that many of its residential unitary products are assembled in Texas and Tennessee providing jobs in our country.

- Louis Hobaica, Owner, Hobaica Services

We've chosen to be a Daikin Comfort Pro because we believe that technology will drive the future of the HVAC business and the Daikin brand has that technology.

- Coy Dayton, Owner, Dayton A/C & Heating

Everyone in our company is excited to be affiliated with Daikin and to have the opportunity to make positive waves in what has been a mature and slow to evolve market segment.

- Justin McClure, President, Daflure Heating & Cooling

We could not be happier to be affiliated with the world's largest manufacturer of HVAC products and refrigerants.

- Mike Little, Owner, Chino Heating and Cooling

The Daikin brand is completely aligned with our mission to make the lives we touch better and to be able to install the innovations that Daikin brings to our customers.

- Robbie Blankenship, General Manager, Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air-Conditioning, LLC

We believe that the Daikin brand can add higher levels of energy efficiency, operational performance and indoor comfort solutions for our customers.

- Jim Jensen, President, Air Control Air Conditioning, Inc

Our relationship with the Daikin brand certainly adds to our long-standing commitment to achieve the highest possible standards of customer satisfaction - one of our primary goals as a company.

- Marty Wolff, President, Wolff Mechanical Inc

I believe that the Daikin organization is willing and able to invest in technology that creates more efficient heating and cooling systems.

- James Green, President, A#1 Air

Daikin brand product technology and support programs are top-of-the-line allowing us to exceed customer expectations.

- Randy Burgess, President, Burgess Heating & Air, Inc.

The ability to represent Daikin unitary products, many of which are assembled here in the USA will make our organization stronger.

- David Powell, President, Powell Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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